Jump Trading Sues Over Wormhole.com Domain

May 1, 2022

Jump Trading Sues Over Wormhole.com Domain

(This page includes excerpts from an article that was originally published in its entirety in Business Insider on May 1.)

Partner Jordan Goldstein is quoted in an article about Jump Trading’s ongoing attempts to acquire the domain Wormhole.com for their cryptocurrency business.  The story covers Jump’s offer to purchase the URL from Dick Merryman, a 74-year-old retiree living in Nevada, and the lawsuit stemming from this offer. 

In the article, Goldstein – who is not involved in the case – says:  “"In many ways, this case reads like a law school hypothetical — was a contract formed and can the case be brought in federal court … Courts have historically applied the same legal principles to tangible, brick-and-mortar assets — like homes — as they have to digital assets, such as web domains.”

Merryman's view is not reflected in the court filings, but Goldstein said Merryman’s "statement that the price is a firm $50,000 could reasonably be understood as a counteroffer, which Jump had the power to accept, thereby forming a contract."

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