If litigation is your calling, we’re calling you.

Selendy & Gay is looking for lawyers who love the law—the most insightful minds, the most creative thinkers, the most agile tacticians; those who want to engage with clients and colleagues, and get to work solving the most challenging problems; and those who want to learn the art of litigation, and do the heavy lifting needed to excel.

The reality is, a lot of firms get more out of their associates than their associates get from them. We want to rebalance that equation—letting you apply your innate abilities to cases that count, giving you meaningful experience as you work directly with partners, and training you on all aspects of legal practice.

As an associate, you can expect compensation at the very top of the market. Here’s what else sets us apart:

  • No billable hours requirement. Your work will demand great effort and intense focus. But we have lives beyond our careers. Eliminating an hours requirement lets you focus on doing your best work and living a balanced life, not on meeting an artificial goal.
  • A focus on wellness: Mindfulness training and a fully equipped, on-site fitness center are small measures of our commitment to wellness. More notably: We provide access to on-demand, one-on-one professional coaching aimed at making you not just a better lawyer, but a better colleague.
  • True associate input: We know all systems can be improved and that great ideas can come from anywhere. To give all associates a voice not just in work assignments but in day-to-day operations, our Associates Committee gives associates meaningful input into firm operations.
  • Doing well by doing right: Public service is a hallmark of our work. Our lawyers have recovered billions of dollars from Wall Street firms that plunged the country into the Great Recession, and pursued pro bono work that helps immigrants, the indigent, and other neglected populations claim justice. When you find what you want to fight for, we’ll find a way for you to pursue it.
  • Regular feedback: We take a proactive approach to feedback, and provide it multiple times a year.
  • A culture of trust: We put a lot of work into making sure we select the right associates. Once you’re here, you’re one of us—and you’ll take on significant responsibilities almost immediately. For instance, every associate is expected to take management duties on a case, working directly with partners and clients.
  • A culture of diversity: For too long, law firms haven’t reflected the way society looks. We’re intent on changing that. Half our equity partners are women, and approximately 20% of our lawyers are members of the LBGTQ community. If you’ve ever thought that a top-tier firm wasn’t meant to include you, consider Selendy & Gay.

We invite you to apply here.