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Selendy Gay Leads the Nation in LGBTQ+ Representation Among Law Firms

Selendy Gay was named the top law firm in LGBTQ+ representation by The American Lawyer, with just over 15% of attorneys self-identifying as LGBTQ+.
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Our experienced attorneys guide our clients through disputes, investigations, and appeals that see their businesses, and even their personal liberties, at stake. We have a proven record of solving our clients’ most challenging problems by redefining them.

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With an even split of plaintiff and defense work, industry-leading pro bono initiatives, and a robust contingency platform, the firm has earned hundreds of awards and become known for its winning strategies in cutting-edge trials, appeals, and investigations.

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We created this firm to demonstrate what can be achieved through the effective marriage of a relentless dedication to litigation excellence and success for our clients with a foundational commitment to career development, public service, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

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We offer our associates a meaningful professional experience that builds their skills in all facets of litigation, including interacting with clients, taking and defending depositions, and going to trial.

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