The Selendy & Gay Fellowship


Selendy & Gay was conceptualized with diversity, equity and inclusion at the very heart of our culture.

We took a comprehensive look at diversity efforts in our industry as well as our own infrastructure, recruiting and training efforts. We considered, among many factors, the host of challenges faced by groups who have historically been underrepresented in the legal profession. We examined our own implicit biases and thought critically about how Selendy & Gay can be an anti-racist institution.

Out of that examination, we've developed an innovative new program focusing not only on attracting but also retaining and nurturing outstanding racially diverse candidates and first-generation college students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Selendy & Gay Fellowship provides long-term, individually-tailored training, mentoring and post-recruitment support to diverse talent in order to help recipients achieve their long-term potential. Through the Fellowship, candidates will have access to long-term professional and personal support, while giving them the agency to opt in and out based on their specific needs and goals. This support will be bespoke and will include (but not be limited to):

  • Critical access to scarce resources (such as dedicated access to senior partner time);
  • Ongoing writing support from a professional coach;
  • One-on-one business networking coaching;
  • Training on how to effectively “manage up” and cultivate personal leadership skills; and
  • Access to a suite of outside coaches, from which Fellows will personally select who they wish to work with.

Fellows will also receive a $30,000 payment made in tranches.

How to apply

The Fellowship will be open to 2Ls, 3Ls, and lateral associates (including clerks) who are racially diverse or are first generation college students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply here.