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Preserving Tenant Rights

Working with Legal Aid Society, Selendy Gay is defending the rent stabilization laws that protect hundreds of thousands of tenants, helping families stay in their homes and securing their right to have their voices heard in court.

Defending Democracy

Selendy Gay has joined the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights in a milestone civil rights lawsuit on behalf of eight veteran U.S. Capitol Police officers seeking to hold then-President Donald Trump and several extremist groups responsible for the January 6, 2021 assault on the United States Capitol.

Advocating for Renewable Energy

Selendy Gay helped residential solar customers fight for fair payments for power they export to the grid by representing their agents in the renewable energy market.

Enhancing Accuracy in Census Data

Selendy Gay represented Columbia professor Dr. Justin Philips in suing the U.S. Census Bureau for the release of data he and his team need to evaluate potential distortions in the 2020 Census. In January 2023, the Bureau announced it would recreate and publish the 2010 file. In March 2023, it further announced that it will release the 2020 file.

Fighting for Gender Equity

Selendy Gay filed an amicus brief on behalf of 65 organizations in support of the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team, which, despite its monumental successes, was being paid at substantially lower rates than its men's counterpart. The team won a $24 million pay discrimination settlement.

Safeguarding the Future of Afghan Refugees

Co-led by partner Jennifer Selendy, the 30 Birds Foundation is an organization that helped evacuate Afghan girls and their families after the Taliban's takeover of Kabul in 2021. The organization has successfully relocated nearly 500 people to safety in Canada.

Challenging Book Censorship

Selendy Gay secured an important victory for First Amendment rights in Florida on behalf of the authors of And Tango Makes Three, a widely lauded children’s book, and an elementary school student who wants to read the book. In its order, the judge concluded that the plaintiffs sufficiently alleged their First Amendment claims for viewpoint discrimination against the Escambia County school district, which removed the book from its public school libraries due to the book's positive message about LGBTQ+ families.

Securing the Right to an Education

Selendy Gay authored an amicus brief on behalf of Constitutional scholar and former Harvard Law School Dean, Martha Minow, on the history of Brown v. Board of Education. In a monumental ruling, relying closely on the analysis proffered in our brief, the Sixth Circuit recognized for the first time in our nation’s history an explicit fundamental right to a minimally adequate education under the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Supporting Sandy Hook's Families

Selendy Gay represented a group of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims’ families in seeking to preserve claims brought against Remington Outdoor Co. in its chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Proudly Upholding a Ban

Selendy Gay successfully defended a ban enacted by New Jersey in 2013 on conversion therapies for minors by state-licensed professionals.