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  • Everybody Wins: The Benefits of Collaboration Between Company and Board Counsel
    Partner Joshua Margolin and associates Amy Nemetz and Tony Russo published a piece in New York Law Journal exploring how collaboration between company and board counsel can present unique opportunities with increased benefits for the company during an investigation.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on the Reinsurance and ILS Market
    Sean Baldwin and David Coon have authored an article in Risk Management magazine to analyze how the increasing frequency and severity of natural catastrophes have significant implications for the insurance market. The dramatic uptick of these events, largely due to climate change, affect the industry from the basic level of primary insurance all the way up to insurance-linked securities.
  • Twitter, FTC Battle Puts Advertisers on Alert About Privacy
    Consumer recourse for violating the privacy of personal data depends on various state laws. Selendy Gay Elsberg PLLC examines whether companies can face private suits from consumers for deceptive practices in light of the recent Twitter/FTC battle involving allegations that Twitter deceived consumers about what it would do with their phone numbers and email addresses.
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