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  • Leaving Your Law Firm: What Partners Need to Know
    The legal industry has seen an increase in lateral partner moves in recent years. If you’re considering such a move, it is critical to understand—and avoid—potential pitfalls on your journey to your next firm. In this article, Selendy Gay Elsberg partner Joshua Margolin—who has extensive experience advising law firm equity partners in their transitions to other law firms—offers practical suggests for making an obstacle-free move to a new law firm.
  • Improved T&C May Avoid Lender-on-Lender Violence
    Aggressive “lender-on-lender violence” transactions, which used to happen mostly in in-court restricting processes, have been increasingly utilized in the context of out-of-court restructurings in recent years. Jennifer Selendy, Max Siegel, and Samuel Kwak analyze recurring issues in disputes over such transactions in this article from Turnarounds and Workouts.
  • Everybody Wins: The Benefits of Collaboration Between Company and Board Counsel
    Partner Joshua Margolin and associates Amy Nemetz and Tony Russo published a piece in New York Law Journal exploring how collaboration between company and board counsel can present unique opportunities with increased benefits for the company during an investigation.
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