My First Year at Selendy Gay Elsberg

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    Alvaro Mon Cureño
    After several years in Big Law, Alvaro Mon Cureño grew disillusioned that his opportunities were limited by class year. Now rounding out his first year at Selendy Gay Elsberg, Alvaro spoke to us about the benefits of a meritocratic culture, developing an “ownership mindset”, and why he hasn’t looked back since joining the firm.
  • My First Year - Anne Arcoleo_Web.jpg
    Annie Arcoleo
    While in law school, Annie Arcoleo was disheartened by the lack of private sector firms that shared her values. When she learned about Selendy Gay Elsberg, "it checked all the right boxes." Annie spoke to us about the lessons, growth, and friendships she's cultivated during her first year at the firm.
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    Adam Hersh
    In 2020, Adam Hersh was nearing the end of his second federal clerkship and contemplating the next step in his career. While eager to gain experience in high-impact litigation, he didn’t want to compromise certain core values in that pursuit. Now a year into his tenure at Selendy Gay Elsberg, Adam reflects on developing confidence as a litigator and why the firm truly “walks the walk” in its commitment to equality.
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    Katya Stynes
    As a law student, Katya Stynes didn’t see herself going into private practice. But when she learned about a new firm founded by the lawyers who had faced down – and won against – the major Wall Street banks, she decided to take a chance.
  • editDuke-1.jpg
    Michael Duke
    After two federal clerkships, Michael Duke knew what he was looking for in private practice. When he heard that the lawyers who had taken on Wall Street after the 2008 financial crash had opened their own firm, he leapt at the chance to meet with them.
  • Ron-Krock-Selendy-Gay.jpg
    Ron Krock
    In 2018, Ron Krock was working as a BigLaw associate when an announcement in the American Lawyer caught his attention: a group of the country’s best litigators were launching a new firm.