Summer Programs

We’re building a better firm. We want your help.

Here’s what will not happen when you join Selendy & Gay’s Summer Associate Program:

You will not have to battle for the attention of our partners. You’ll work alongside them every day.

You will not have to ask how long you’ll wait to do meaningful work. We’re bringing you aboard for your potential, but also for the ability you’ve already shown. We expect you to contribute.

You will not wonder how well you’re doing. You’re going to know, because we’re going to tell you. You’ll gain more experience and exposure to interesting, dynamic work than you thought possible in a summer. And we’re going to make you better.

If all this sounds different than you expect from most top-tier law firms, that’s no surprise: Selendy & Gay was built to be different. We launched our practice with a plan to transform the experience not only of our clients, but also that of our own associates and partners. We value hard work and legal acumen, of course—but also collegiality and creativity, diversity, and individuality. We want to get to know you, and we want your opinion. Because if we choose you for our summer associate program, it means we hope to work with you for years to come.

As a young, in-demand firm, we’re hiring for the future. And we’re looking to build long-term relationships with the associates we bring on today. Unlike at larger firms, which overstaff summer classes to fulfill immediate caseload needs, we’re building a bench from the women and men we take on board.

Significant features of our summer program include:

  • Flexible assignments. While we’ll assign you to cases when you come on board, you’ll have the opportunity to request work from partners whose work interests you or on cases you’d like to participate in. That gives you the freedom to learn about the aspects of the profession that appeal to you the most.
  • In-depth mentoring. In addition to formal reviews conducted at the midpoint and end of your summer program, you’ll hear from us. Frequently. We assign each summer associate a mentor based on common interests, personality fit and other factors. We’re invested in your progress, because we expect you to contribute to ours.
  • Regular feedback. In addition to formal reviews conducted in the middle and at the end of the summer program, you’ll receive constructive feedback to help guide your approach to the practice of law.
  • Training you’ll use. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in training programs we offer associates, and we’ll also provide you with summer versions of our trial, business development and professional skills programs.
  • Experience that counts. You will meet clients. You will sit in on depositions and hearings. You will participate in strategy meetings with partners and associates, rather than hear about them after the fact.

We invite you to apply here.