December 10, 2018

Selendy & Gay Announces 2018 Associate Bonuses


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NEW YORK – After an extraordinary ten months into its first year, Selendy & Gay announced associate bonuses well above market.

“We’ve hired only the best associates and we’ve given them great opportunities for creative and meaningful work. In turn, our associates have done outstanding work for our clients, and deserve to be recognized for their efforts,” said Jennifer Selendy, Co-Managing Partner of Selendy & Gay.

In that spirit, Selendy & Gay’s year-end bonus scale for 2018 is as follows:

Class of 2018: $22,500

Class of 2017: $22,500

Class of 2016: $37,500

Class of 2015: $75,000

Class of 2014: $97,500

Class of 2013: $120,000

Class of 2012: $135,000

In addition, each associate will receive a one-time special bonus for joining Selendy & Gay in our start-up year.

“We are committed to rewarding our associates at levels well above the market, and we look forward to building our firm with more superb associates in 2019,” said Selendy.