Selendy & Gay Announces 2019 Associate Bonuses

December 19, 2019

Selendy & Gay Announces 2019 Associate Bonuses

After a remarkable second year, Selendy & Gay announced associate bonuses today, significantly topping the established law firm scale.   

“This has been an extraordinary year,” said Managing Partner Jennifer Selendy. “We scored significant victories for our clients, filed innovative new cases, and made a real public impact. None of this would have been possible without our wonderful associates.”

“In order to create the strongest advocates for our clients, we need to provide our associates with early and frequent courtroom experience, which means we demand a lot from them,” continued Selendy. “These above-market bonuses are well deserved for our associates’ exceptional performance.”

These are the median bonus amounts for associates who have been with the Firm for a full year:

Class of 2012  $177,609

Class of 2013  $136,088

Class of 2014  $132,264

Class of 2015  $98,707

Class of 2016  $80,731

Class of 2017  $34,125

Class of 2018  $20,950