Environmental Litigation

Selendy & Gay is committed to environmental justice and we leverage our plaintiff and defense-side expertise in pursuit of that goal, including by holding to account those who disregard environmental laws or regulations and harm individuals, communities, or property. Environmental disputes extend beyond the courtroom, encompassing a dizzying range of interest groups, local, state, and federal governments, regulators, and the media. We are well-positioned to work with those affected by environmental issues and we have extensive experience representing public entities in pursuing claims against private actors and in partnering with environmentally minded businesses and interest groups.

Our representative engagements include:

  • Vote Solar before the State of Utah Public Service Commission to determine the value of solar energy in the state’s net metering program. We also litigated against Rocky Mountain Power in its attempt to end net metering in Utah.
  • Cypress Creek Renewables, a leading national solar company, in a suit accusing the Montana Service Commission of violating federal energy laws intended to promote small alternative energy projects.
  • Maine People's Alliance, a grassroots community action organization, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, an international environmental advocacy group, against HoltraChem Manufacturing Co. and Mallinckrodt US LLC, to address the cleanup of Maine's Penobscot River, which was suffering from high levels of mercury contamination from the Mallinckrodt chemical plant. After nine years of trial, the federal district court in Maine ultimately ordered a remediation study and the appointment of an engineering firm to provide solutions to properly clean the remaining mercury in the river.