A different model

Our clients hire us to win, and we do. But clients deserve more—the highest level of attention, guidance, and strategic support. Focusing on our clients’ interests prepares us for when our client might need us most: a suit that might make or ruin a reputation, a change in corporate leadership or direction, a technology breakthrough or breakdown, or a shift in the regulatory landscape.

Our partners are—and want to be—hands-on in guiding cases and counseling clients. Our teams draw fully on our broad range of expertise and are highly skilled and coordinated. We manage ourselves to maximize our ability to help our clients win both in court and in the marketplace.

Part of serving our clients is managing the types of litigation in which we involve ourselves. We also closely monitor the engagements we accept and solicit, to avoid conflicts. Consistency and expectations matter, to us and our clients.

We are open to fee arrangements that align our economic incentives with our clients’ goals, and thus will consider contingency fees, success fees, flat-rate fees, and hybrid arrangements.

Relentless creativity

We have a record of solving our clients’ problems by redefining them. Throughout their careers, our partners have created ground-breaking solutions, and achieved results by altering paradigms. Philippe Selendy transformed Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s massive losses on residential mortgage-backed securities into what the American Lawyer called a “litigation assault” on eighteen of the world’s largest banks, collecting $25 billion in settlements and trial verdicts. Faith Gay challenged the longstanding, deceptive practice of plaintiffs in mass torts litigation joining baseless parties or claims to avoid federal diversity jurisdiction. She convinced an en banc panel of the Fourth Circuit, in a case The American Lawyer called “a big deal” to the mass torts defense bar, that federal courts have the power to vacate orders remanding cases to state court if there is evidence that the remands are obtained by fraud. Our lawyers achieved these and other results by using law creatively to re-cast our clients’ problems and find pathways to opportunity, and by executing our strategies with discipline and flair.

Commitment to the public interest

Lawyers at the top of our profession have power and responsibility. We take pride in using our skills and expertise to prioritize work in which doing well for our clients also means doing good for the public. We are constantly evaluating public-private partnerships. We continue to explore new structures such as mixed for-profit/non-profit entities, multi-stakeholder entities, and cross-sector and cross-border partnerships. We are dedicated to public interest and pro bono matters, because skilled representation can change outcomes and because helping to uphold principles of a well-ordered society is our obligation.